Operations with foreign issuers’ securities Print


The CSD performs transactions with securities issued or placed outside of Ukraine in accordance with the Depository Agreement within the limits of the current Ukrainian legislation and if the execution of these transactions does not contradict the norms and requirements established by a foreign state depository or an international depositary institution, legislation of the country where a foreign depository or an international depositary institution is located and carries out its activity and/or legislation of the countries where the securities were issued, as well as the prospectuses of relevant issues of securities.

Services rendered to customers via CSD’s links with (I)CSDs regarding securities issued or placed outside of Ukraine:

  • FOP securities transactions
  • DVP securities transactions
  • record-keeping of securities on depositary institutions’ securities accounts
  • reflection of issuer's corporate operations
  • income payment (redemption, buy-back etc.)
  • information operations (securities data exchange with foreign CSDs)

! We would like to pay your attention to the fact that in order to successfully initiate an operation of crediting securities issued or placed in a foreign country, the depositary institution should check these securities availability in securities database of the CSD’s Information Processing System (IPS). If a certain issue of securities issued or placed in a foreign country is non-available in the IPS of the CSD, the depositary institution should send a text request using the IPS to insert necessary securities issue in the securities database of the IPS.

The request should contain the following information about the securities:

  • Issuer Name (short  name, full name);
  • Registration code and country;
  • Type of securities;
  • CFI code;
  • ISIN code;
  • Securities nominal value;
  • Quantity of securities in issue;
  • Currency of issue;
  • Number of issue;
  • Date of issue;
  • Start date of securities placement according to prospectus;
  • Start date of securities redemption (for debt securities);
  • End date of redemption (for debt securities).