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Regulation on the information and telecommunication CSD system of data processing approved on 06.09.2019 by the Decision of PJSC "NDU" Board N1/25.

The regulation defines the organization of the data processing and protection system, the list, description and procedure for using the components of the information and telecommunication CSD system of data processing (hereinafter referred to as SDP) of the Public Joint Stock Company "National Depository of Ukraine" (hereinafter referred to as CSD) in legal relations arising during performance of professional activities on the stock market, depository activities of the CSD, as well as requirements for SDP components that are subjects of this legal relations.

The requirements of the Regulation apply to the CSD and the following participants of the depository system of Ukraine, if they acquire the status of SDP participant in accordance with the requirements of this Regulation:

  • depository institutions (including clearing institutions and the Settlement Center on servicing contracts on financial markets (hereinafter - the Settlement Center) when they perform depository activities of the depository institution);
  • The National Bank of Ukraine when it performs the depository activities of the depository institution;
  • securities issuers.

The SDP structure has two hierarchical levels (the CSD and other SDP participants) and consists of the following elements:

  • the CSD data processing unit;
  • the SDP participants data processing unit;
  • data transmission system (secured communication channels).

Information that circulate in the SDP structure is protected against threats violation of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility by using a comprehensive information protection system with confirmed compliance.

Main software used by participants

Application software (AS) is designed to automate the processes related to depository activities of SDP participants, as well as to ensure information flow between them (web service "Clients’ portal", software product (complex) "DEPEND Q", software application (module) "DEPEND GUI", secured channels of data exchange, etc.).

SDP participants may obtain AS either from the CSD or directly from the software distributor. In the same time SDP, participants have to comply with the license conditions for the software using.

The use of specific common software must be agreed with the CSD via the written request of the SDP Participant.

The use of web-service "Clients’ portal" is possible after completing the registration procedure on the website https://my.csd.ua.

The Regulation contains a description of measures to ensure the SDP operation continuity and the information protection.

The Regulation establishes the Requirements for SDP Participants in the framework of the communication between Depository Institution-and-CSD and data exchange using the software product (complex) "DEPEND Q", software application (module) "DEPEND GUI" and software other than provided by CSD for:

  • depository institutions using exclusively the DEPEND GUI,
  • depository institutions using other software than provided by CSD for performing professional activities on the stock market.
The Regulation establishes the procedure for electronic identification and authentication in the CSD’s SDP.