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In 2010 the Agreement Confirmation between the Central Depository and Clearstream Banking Luxembourg was signed and CSD opened an account with ICSD Clearstream.

CSD has confirmed its agreement to observe General Terms and Conditions of Clearstream for the purposeof getting safe-keeping services, performance of depositary transactions and other relevant services. In case foreign issuers’ securities are available in Clearstream depositary system and can be transferred to the CSD securities account in Clearstream, depositary institutions have the opportunity to credit the following types of securities: shares, corporate bonds, foreign government bonds, depositary receipts and other securities available in Clearstream, to their own securities accounts or their clients’ securities accounts.

Details of CSD account in Clearstream Banking Luxembourg:

Name of international depository

Clearstream Banking Luxembourg

BIC code of Clearstream


Account number of CSD in Clearstream


BIC code of the CSD


The Ukrainian stock market participants are able to perform cross-border transactions using correspondent account of CSD in Clearstream by the principle of Delivery/Supply free of payment (FoP) and Delivery/Supply versus Payment (DvP).

Clearstream executes settlements in its depositary record-keeping system in case the following conditions are followed:

  • Availability of counter instructions
  • Successful matching of counter instructions
  • Settlement date that is indicated in instructions becomes effective
  • The Seller has sufficient quantity of securities on the account
  • The Buyer has sufficient quantity of cash on the account (in case of DvP)

Currently cash settlement of the securities transactions that are settled by DvP and cash support of the issuer corporate actions (interest payment, securities buy-back, redemption) can be performed in the following currencies:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • RUB
  • GBP
  • CHF

In case of necessity of the settlement in some other currency, we kindly ask you to contact CSD in advance by official letter indicating the settlement currency planned.

Weekend schedule:

Clearstream Banking Luxembourg

Date on which the holiday day falls, and the settlement will be impossible

All instructions

January 1
December 25

When submitting instructions for cross-border transactions (transfer/depositing of securities) using the correspondent link of the Central Depository established with Clearstream, it is necessary to consider the official holidays / weekends of a specific local market / foreign depository which is involved in the transaction, during which settlement will be impossible.

More information about Clearstream Banking Luxemburg you can find at the website: http://www.clearstream.com

Cross-border transactions

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